An Independent Consultative Committee established by TAG Farnborough in accordance with a Section 106 agreement of the Town and Country Planning Act  The FACC website is independently administered
Complaints TAG Farnborough Airport operates a dedicated reporting line in order to address any questions or concerns local residents or other interested parties may have. The line is operational 24 hours a day and enables users to record details of observations and experiences or submit specific questions. All reports received are responded to by letter, email or telephone within 10 working days; users of this service should leave appropriate contact details. A record of all reports and associated responses is kept on a database which is periodically reported to the local planning authority, Rushmoor Borough Council. Tel: 01252 526001 Email:
The Secretary Farnborough Aerodrome  Consultative Committee TAG Farnborough Airport Hampshire GU14 6XA email:
Farnborough Aerodrome Consultative Committee
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The next meeting of the FACC will be held at 2.00pm on Thursday 10th November at Rushmoor Borough Council Offices Farnborough. GU14 7JU