Farnborough Airport Community Environmental Fund Grants

For every take-off or landing at Farnborough Airport, the community environmental fund receives money to help support local projects.

  • The airport pays a levy of £2 for every take-off or landing, or £5 if the aircraft is a Boeing business jet or an Airbus A310 corporate jet.
  • This money goes into the Farnborough airport community environmental fund, which is managed by Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC).
  • For aircraft movements in 2022 the fund received £67,200. For the current amount available for grants, please use the link below to RBC’s Environmental Fund Grants page.
  • There has been a steady stream of applications this year, with awards of almost £79,000 being granted from the fund to date.
  • RBC consider applications every month, until all the funding runs out.
  • A qualifying organisation can only be awarded one council grant in a financial year. The financial year runs from April to March.

Projects the Environmental Fund Has Already Supported

The type of projects the fund has already supported include pond improvements, canal towpath upgrades, improvements to open spaces, gardening clubs, wildlife projects, new cycleways and cycle projects, outdoor activities, music events and play equipment.

For more information please contact the Grants & Administration Officer at Rushmoor BC or visit RBC’s Environmental Fund Grants page (link opens in new window).

Please see below to view details of the grants awarded from the fund (note each link opens in a new window):

Apply for a Grant

To submit an application for a Farnborough Airport Community Environmental Grant please visit RBC’s Environmental Fund Grants page (link opens in new window).