Background to Airspace Change – Post Implementation Review (ACP PIR)

Whilst the impact of any particular Airspace Change can usually be simulated and the subsequent outcomes predicted, there may be unpredicted consequences that appear once a change is actually implemented.

These consequences could be safety related, operational, technical, or environmental. The PIR would usually commence 12 months after the change has been implemented. PIRs provide a rigorous assessment by the CAA, as the independent regulator, of whether the anticipated impacts and benefits, set out in the original ACP proposal and decision, were delivered, and if not to ascertain why, and to then determine the most appropriate course of action.

The PIR is necessary to identify any subsequent requirements that may be necessary to further modify flight procedures or the airspace structure, the need for which can only be determined after a period of operational experience post Airspace Change implementation. The PIR does not, however, set out to re-run the original decision associated with the Airspace Change.

More information on the PIR can be found on the Airspace Change page.

Post Implementation Review Date

The CAA commenced the PIR on 1st April 2022 and it will run until 31st March 2023.

Thereafter, there will be a 28 day window during which any stakeholder may provide feedback directly to the CAA about whether the impacts of the change are those expected, 12 months on.

The CAA will likely issue a report of its findings late Summer 2023.