Update on Airspace Change (ACP)

The Farnborough Airport Airspace Change – Post Implementation Review or data gathering period, ended on Friday 31st March 2023.

After a data gathering period, Farnborough Airport was required to submit a Post Implementation Report to the CAA.

This Report was submitted on Monday 15th May.

The Report and the data has been uploaded to a dedicated CAA web page that holds all the relevant historic documentation. This web page/portal also provides details about the process including how stakeholders can submit comments to the CAA and the closing date for the feedback window.

The CAA would usually allow 28 days for both compilation of the report and for the feedback window. However, for reasons including public holidays the Airport requested 42 days to complete and publish the report. The CAA agreed to this request and also decided to extend the window for stakeholder feedback from 28 to 42 days. The closing date for stakeholder feedback is 26th June 2023.

If you would like to learn more about airspace, please visit Farnborough Airport’s Noise & Track system which allows you to view the airborne activity around the airport. The Airport has added to the Layer information in this tool to help stakeholders visualise the areas where it forecast overflight related to the airspace change of 2020.

The Farnborough Airport website provides information, which was last updated on Tuesday 16th May 2023.