This section contains a repository of questions asked of the FACC in recent years.

Questions can be asked of the FACC by Members for their own information, by Members on behalf of those they represent or by members of the public.

The FACC does not have the technical expertise to answer all the questions it receives. The majority of questions are answered by Farnborough Airport and some will be answered by specialists such as NATS or Rushmoor BC, depending on the subject of the enquiry.

Questions can be asked at any time but they tend to be asked ahead of scheduled FACC meetings. For this reason, questions are shown chronologically corresponding to the date of the meeting at which or before which they were asked.

The answers provided by the Airport and all contributors were factual responses to questions raised at the time. It must be accepted that over time regulation, policy and processes may have changed and/or have been superseded.

Click/tap on a year heading below to view or download questions asked in the corresponding year. Please note, each view or download link opens in a new tab/window.