Establishment of the FACC

In October 2000, TAG Aviation Ltd was granted planning permission for use of the site for business aviation, for works needed to bring the site up to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards and, in principle, for the new air traffic control tower, hangars and terminal building.

Rushmoor Borough Council, subject to several conditions, granted permission for the redevelopment of Farnborough Airport, into a civil licensed dedicated business airport.

The conditions were the subject of a Town and Country Planning Act Section 106/299A agreement signed by both parties. One of the stipulations of this agreement was the establishment of a Consultative Committee funded by the Airport.

Farnborough Airport is categorised as a business airport, not a commercial or general aviation facility. Scheduled commercial services are not permitted. As such it technically does not require a consultative committee.

The FACC was established in January 2002.

The FACC is a member of the UK Association of Airport Consultative Committees (UKACC).