Statutory Background for Airport Consultative Committees

Farnborough Airport established the Farnborough Aerodrome Consultative Committee (FACC) as it offered to do so in the original planning approval request and as this then became a condition of the granting on the approval by Rushmoor Borough Council.

Farnborough Airport is not a designated airport as defined by S63(1)(a) of the Act and is therefore not required to have a consultative committee.

The ACC is the forum in which the management of Farnborough Airport interacts with local public authorities, local interest groups and Airport users on a range of environmental and other airport issues.

The statutory requirement for designated airport to establish a consultative committee is derived pursuant to Section 35(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended by the Airports Act 1986).

NB: A Designated Airport is an airport that is ‘designated’ by an order of the Secretary of State under S63(1)(a) of Airports Act 1986. The Secretary of State under S40A of Airports Act 1986 will designate an airport if:

  1. it is a regulated airport for the purposes of the Airport Charges Regulation 2011 – an airport is a regulated airport if more than 5 million passenger movement took place at the airport in the year but one preceding that year; and
  2. the Secretary of State considers that designation is warranted on the basis of a market power examination carried out by the CAA in relation to the airport operator in accordance with S40B – the CAA consider whether an airport operator has or is likely to acquire substantial market power and if so, examines the nature and extent of that power.

These do not apply to Farnborough Airport.